Kaili Oliver

Memory Care Administrator

Kaili Oliver is the Memory Care Administrator at Jennings McCall Center. Kaili began her career in Senior living in 2015 as a Home Care Aide. There she began working with clients within their own home. One client stood out to her and to this day still does. This client had a diagnosis of Dementia. Kaili worked with her through her final seasons of life. At this point she fell in love with the generation she served and memory care in specific.


To begin the growth of her career Kaili found an assisted living and memory care community in Beaverton, OR in which felt at home. She began as a resident service assistant. Kaili quickly earned many promotions. At the end of her journey there she was the resident services coordinator. In 2020, Kaili went back to home care as a Client Care Coordinator. As much as she loved her position, she knew it was not her full potential and true calling – Memory Care. In January of 2021, she took a leap of faith and applied here at Jennings McCall Center as the Memory Care Administrator.


Kaili could not be happier with her decision. Everyday she wakes up excited to come to work as the Memory Care Administrator, Kaili looks forward to seeing our residents and hard-working staff. Every day she feels so grateful for her ability to play an active part in ensuring and providing our residents with the highest quality of care possible. Kaili is motivated by a strong advocacy for those who are unable to advocate for themselves..